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Before creating a Co-Curricular Club, you will need to decide the type of Club booking before you begin to create your Club.

There are three Co-Curricular Club booking type options:

Invitation – An Invitation Club allows administrators to invite pupils to attend a certain Club, the Club will display in the PMC, but won't be open for booking. 
Singular – A Singular Club allows parents to book Club sessions on a session by session basis.
Batch – A Batch Club allows parents to book onto all Club sessions at one time.


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General Forms can be attached to Singular and Batch Co-Curricular Club categories, allowing staff to collect information relevant to the Club via a form. Parent submissions are fully collated, can be processed in the Staff Message Centre and exported as a spreadsheet. For information on how to create a General Form, click here.

General Forms are assigned to Club Categories, and need to be published in the Form Zone before they can be selected in the Co-Curricular Zone. If a form is specific to a certain Club, we recommend creating a separate Category for that Club. We also recommend setting the form to ‘Single Submission’ to avoid conflicting information being submitted by parents.

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The Bulk menu export feature for Batch and Invitation Clubs has been updated to allow for the creation of large exports. Two bulk export options are now available ‘Export Club – List View’ and ‘Export Club – Summary View’. The ‘ListView’ export provides details of each Club session, including pupil information and the status of their request. The ‘Summary View’ export provides details of pupils attending the Club and the Club’s session dates. In both exports, Clubs can be found in separate sheet tabs.

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Pupils will always need to be manually added to ‘Invitation’ Clubs; however, there may also be a necessity to manually add pupils to ‘Singular’ or ‘Batch’ Clubs. The process for manually adding pupils to a Club is the same for all Club types.

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