A whole host of new features is available, completely free to all existing customers.


A public portal providing rich and detailed information for a current school community. 

  1. Announcements
  2. Weblinks
  3. Quickmail
  4. Documents
  5. Newsletter



Announcements created by you now keep your parents informed about important school events.

  1. Public announcements can also be set to private. 


  1. Weblinks are simple links to other websites related to your school.
  2. Weblinks can also be set to private.

(Private mode = the Parent Message Centre.)


  1. Parents can compose messages for quick and seamless communication to the school.
  2. Clear description provided to ensure the sender chooses the appropriate destination. 
  3. School e-mail address is kept private.
  4. Available on public and private portal services.




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