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Helpful information regarding our Support Portal

* We have recently updated our ticketing system, please ensure you login using your personal email address and password.

Key Features

  1. View all tickets across your Organisation from within the Support Portal.
  2. Send and receive file attachments.
  3. Change your password from within the Support Portal.
  4. The system can be used by any web connected device.

In order for us to diagnose and resolve your query as quickly as possible when submitting a ticket please provide the following information:

You need to give us a title for your ticket, usually similar to one of the following:

  1. Member not receiving messages.
  2. Member is not appearing in the system.
  3. Some Details are missing in ClarionCall.
  4. Members priority is incorrect.
  5. Show specific details of a sent message.
  6. Trouble synchronising with database.

If your ticket relates to specific members records or messages, be sure to include the following information in the “Description” field:

  1. Member First and Last Name.
  2. Member Mobile Number.
  3. Member Email address.
  4. Date message was sent.
  5. Type of message.
  6. Group message was sent to.

If any of this information is missing it may slow down the process of your support ticket resolution  as we will need to ask for this information at a later time.



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