The 'Edit School' section allows an administrator to modify various settings for your School. To change any settings for your School, perform the following:

1. Go to the 'Admin' screen.

2. Click the 'Edit School' button.

3. The system will now display the 'Edit School' section allowing an administrator to change the following fields:

  • Name – this is the School name set for your account and determines the e-mail source. It is recommended that this is not modified, as this can affect data synchronisation. If a modification is required, please inform  of any changes.
  • Address – your School's address. This field cannot be empty.
  • Country
  • Post code – your School‟s post code. This field cannot be empty.
  • School home page – this field determines the hyperlink for your e-mail banner. It is recommended that this is your School's home page URL.
  • School contact e-mail – this e-mail address will receive an automatic copy of every e-mail sent from your system. This e-mail address will also receive system messages and service updates from ClarionCall. Finally, this address will receive parent replies to School ClarionCall e-mails.
  • School system admin e-mail - this e-mail address will receive information about synchronisation.
  • School data admin e-mail – this e-mail address will receive information about problems with your stored e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers. Once a week this address will receive 2 summary e-mail containing:
    • A list of all e-mail addresses currently marked as invalid or opted-out from ClarionCall.
    • A list of all mobile numbers to which it has not been possible to deliver a text message.
  • Short name (text message source) – this field specifies the text message source name for your School. Note: this field will only accept 11 characters (including space characters).
  • Voice message alert footer – this field can contain a line of text which will be inserted at the end of voice message alerts (i.e. the text message a parent receives to indicate they have a voice message from the School). Note: this is an optional field.
  • E-mail footer – any text that appears in this field will appear as footer text in any e-mails sent by your School through ClarionCall. If this is blank, default footer will be automatically included saying:
    • The information contained in this e-mail is confidential. It may also be legally privileged. It is only intended for the stated addressee(s) and access to it by any other person is unauthorised. If you are not an addressee, you must not disclose, copy, circulate or in any other way use or rely on the information contained in this e-mail. Such unauthorised use may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail in error, please inform us immediately and delete it (and all copies) from your machine.
  • Printed Footer – any text entered in this field will be used at the bottom of any printed reports produced by your ClarionCall system. Note: this field is optional.
  • Suppress text messages to overseas mobiles? – check this box to stop text messages being sent to overseas mobile numbers. When sending a text, it is possible to edit this setting by simply checking or unchecking the 'do not send to overseas mobiles' option.
  • Suppress voice alerts to overseas mobiles? – check this box to stop voice messages being sent to overseas mobile numbers. Note: there is no option to change this setting when recording a voice message.
  • Copy texts to all group managers? – check this box to send a copy of text messages sent to all managers of that group.
  • Copy texts to all school administrators? – check this box to send a copy of all sent text messages to the system administrators.
  • Include members’ real names in their email addresses? – check this box so that e-mails are addressed to the recipient's name (as stored in your system) rather than their e-mail address.

4. Click 'Save' to confirm any changes.

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