There are two ways of downloading your parent and pupil details from ClarionCall



(i) Go to the 'Admin' screen

(ii) Click the 'Download Directory' button

(iii) Click 'Download Directory.'

A CSV format spreadsheet will be created containing the names and contact details of all your parent and pupils, together with a list of all the 'Permanent Groups' they belong in.  'Permanent Groups' are the groups defined by your School database (MIS) or in the CSV file that you synchronise with ClarionCall.

(2) (i) Go to the 'Message' screen

(ii) Click 'School Directory'

(iii) Click 'View Group'

(iv) Tick the details you want to view, for example, 'Include Member E-mail', 'Include Mobile', 'Include Priority', etc

(v) Click 'View Group List' at the bottom of the screen

The required details will be displayed and can be printed or downloaded as a CSV format spreadsheet using the appropriate buttons.

Note that

  • You can limit the data you select by using on a smaller group like a Year Group, instead of School Directory.
  • This method combines forenames and surnames in one field - the Download Directory method (1) creates the file with separate forename and surname fields.
  • Ticking 'and status' in (2)(iv) above is a convenient way of identifying contacts with invalid or opted out email addresses.
  • Ticking 'Include all other joined groups' will include all the groups the pupils belong to (including any ClarionCall groups you have created). This will generate a very large report if you use a lot of groups, so it is usually best to only select this option when reporting on a smaller group like a Year group.



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