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 Quick Note

The Quick Note function within the Message Zone offers Parents a quick, one-way messaging system that enables them to write to particular members of your school staff.  The Quick Note option sends a direct message to a member of staff, who can then message the parent back using your school’s e-mail system.


There are two ways a Quick Note can be received.

Scenario A:

Quick Note - Scenario A


 Scenario B:

Quick Note - Scenario B


A Quick Note must be set up to be received by a member of staff, but the message may also need to be sent to a general, functional e-mail address such as ‘office@...’.  In this circumstance, the Quick Note must still be sent to an individual staff member, as in Scenario A.  This individual staff member can then set up a rule within their e-mail inbox, which will forward any e-mails with a subject header containing a particular phrase or keyword to the correct functional e-mail address.  This subject header is determined by what is entered in the ‘Title’ field.

All Quick Notes can be sent from ClarionCall to one personal E-Mail address, but by creating a forwarding rule, can be automatically sent on to the correct functional E-Mail address dependent on the subject header.

Click here to view a help guide explaining how to set up E-Mail forwarding rules.


How to create a Quick Note


Click ‘Quick Note’ in the ‘Message Zone’ panel list item in the ‘Dashboard’.

In order for parents to be able to send a Quick Note message, contact details need to be set up for the member of staff.

1. Click the ‘+New’ button. 

2. Select the applicable form from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter a title.  If the Quick Note needs to be forwarded to a functional e-mail address, enter the correct keywords or phrases here to ensure the message gets forwarded successfully.  

4. Use the ‘Recipient’ drop-down menu to select the Quick Note recipient.  Click ‘Select Manager’ to add the member of staff to the Quick Note.  The recipient of a Quick Note MUST be a member in ClarionCall.  

5. Click ‘Save & New’.


Quick Note - New Note Page

The 'New Note Page

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