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There may be occasions where an external member is required to have access to a certain part of the Unify system. For example, an external coach may be running a Co-Curricular Club, the leader of the PTA may need access to the PTA Zone, or an email address that isn’t part of your MIS system may need to be setup as a QuickNote contact.

The ability to add external members as ‘staff’ offers a solution to these requirements. These members can be added to the ‘School Staff’ group if required, or just added to an ‘External Staff Members’ group, separate to the main school staff.

1. Ensure you are logged into the Staff Message Centre.

2. Click ‘Administration’ in the top Navbar, and click ‘Users’ in the left-hand menu.

3. Use the drop-down to select ‘Staff Message Centre’ and click ‘Load’.

4. There are two ways to add external members; via an ‘Individual’ upload, or via a spreadsheet ‘Import’.

a. To add an individual member - Enter the member’s name, email address and phone number, and choose whether they should be added to the ‘School Staff’ group. Click ‘Submit’.

Users Details

b. To import a spreadsheet – Locate and choose the file for upload, and click ‘Submit’.

5. The external members will be added to a new ‘Unify’ group titled ‘Extended School Staff’. If the ‘Add to School Staff’ option was selected, the member will be added to the ‘School Staff’ group.

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