We are encouraging customers to use our Support Ticket system which helps ensure a quick and consistent response and will allow you to review old support requests in the future. You can access the ticket mechanism directly from the ClarionCall system by clicking the Red support button as shown in the figure below.

portal red

Alternatively, visit our helpdesk support and click on Login to the Support Portal. The ticket portal is independent of our other services, so you need to register separately to use this system. This system will help you to submit the Trouble Tickets in case of any issues. It also allows you to view the complete history of the current ticket and to view all the tickets the school has previously created.

Create New Tickets

Click on 'New Ticket' button to create a new ticket. Provide the Ticket name, category and a description of the issue. Click ‘Submit’ to submit the ticket.
You will then see a detailed view of the ticket where you can add additional comments and attach screenshots or other documents which may help us resolve the problem.

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