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The Roll Call feature allows members of staff to keep a record of attendees of school events.  Roll Call status can be set via a bulk option, or individually depending on pupil situations.  


To edit a Roll Call in the Event Zone:

1. Ensure you are logged into the Staff Message Centre.


2. Click the ‘Planner’ panel list item in the Event Zone on the Dashboard. 


3. Click the ‘Edit Roll Call’ icon on the right-hand side for the appropriate event.

 The 'Edit Roll Call' Icon

The ‘Edit Roll Call’ Icon


4. The ‘Edit Roll Call’ page will load.  The ‘Details’ section contains the event’s information.  The ‘Attendees’ section contains pupils assigned to the event, and options to set their Roll Call status.  The ‘Quick Add’ section allows pupils to be quickly added to the event.  


5. In the ‘Attendees’ section, use the ‘Bulk Status’ drop-down menu option to set all pupils status as either ‘Present’, ‘Absent Excused’, or ‘Absent Unexcused’.  Select the option required and click ‘Set Status’. 


The Roll Call 'Bulk Status' option

The Roll Call ‘Bulk Status’ option


6. To set the Roll Call status on an individual pupil basis, use the drop-down menu next to their name and select the applicable status option.  Type any extra notes or information for the pupil into the additional field, next to the drop-down menu.  Click ‘Save’ once you have updated any pupil’s status.


The Roll Call 'Individual Pupil Status' option

The Roll Call ‘Individual Pupil Status’ option


7. You may need to add a pupil to an event unexpectedly.  The ‘Quick Add’ feature allows you to search for the pupil, and select and add them.  In the ‘Quick Add’ section, type the pupils name into the search field, click the search icon, click the pupil’s name, and click ‘Select Player’.  


8. The pupils name will appear in the attendees list.  Repeat step 6 or 7 to set their Roll Call status.  Click ‘Save’ after making any changes.  


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