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General forms are created in the Staff Message Centre and can be assigned to display to particular user groups within ClarionCall. Parents associated with the assigned groups respond to these forms via the Form Zone in the Parent Message Centre. Any submitted replies are collated in the Staff Message Centre, where school administrators are able to view and process responses. 

Before creating a General form, you first need to create a category for the form to be assigned to.  Once your form categories are saved, you can begin to build your forms.  

How to create a General form category

1. Click ‘General’ in the ‘Form Zone’ panel list item in the ‘Dashboard’.

2. Click ‘Categories’ in the left-hand menu.

3. Click ‘+New’, enter the category’s title, and click ‘Save’.

GeneralForm Category

The ‘New Category’ page

How to create a General Form

1. Ensure you are logged into the Staff Message Centre.

2. Click ‘General’ in the ‘Form Zone’ panel list item in the ‘Dashboard’.  

3. Click ‘+New’.  The ‘New Form’ page will load.

 GeneralForm Basic

The new form 'Basic' section

4. In the ‘Basic’ section, enter and select the following:

a. The Form’s Title.

b. The Form’s Category.

c. A description of the form.

d. The Form’s Manager.

e. Select whether the form can be submitted once, or multiple times.

f. Select whether an email summary of each submission should be sent to the form’s manager.  


5. In the ‘Audience’ section, select the following:

a. Select where the form will display, the Staff Message Centre, or Parent Message Centre.

b. Select whether the form can be accessed in the Public Noticeboard, or in the Private Message Centre.

c. Select which ClarionCall group(s) can view the form and submit responses.  Choose from the drop-down menu, and click ‘Add Group.    


6. Once these details have been entered, click ‘Submit’ to save your form.  

This process will have created the shell of your form.  You now will need to ‘build’ your form and create the question fields for users to fill in.  

How to build a General Form

1. Once the basic setup of the form is created, the page will direct to the forms ‘Library’ page.  If you are returning to the Staff Message Centre to build a form, click the ‘General’ panel list item in the ‘Form Zone’ on the Dashboard.

2. A list of created form titles will display.  Click the ‘Build’ icon on the right-hand side. 


The 'Build Zone' icon

The ‘Build’ form icon


3. Forms are made of ‘Components’, which can be selected from the ‘Components’ drop-down menu in the ‘Fields’ section.  Form ‘Components’ are divided into the following sections:

a. Text/Headings.

b. Single Column Fields.

c. Multiple Column Fields.

d. Preset Fields.

4. Select a ‘Component’ from the drop-down menu, and fill in the necessary fields.  Once completed, click ‘Add Component’.  Click ‘Save’ when your form components have been added.

GeneralForm Build

The Build Form 'Components' section

5. Scroll down to the ‘Design’ section to alter the look of the form.  The form background colour, and text colour can be edited.  Click the colour drop symbol to display the colour picker.  The ‘Colour Preview’ field will display any changes made to the background and text.    

GeneralForm Design

The ‘Design’ section

6. Click ‘Save’ when your form is complete.

How to publish a Form

When your form is complete, it will need to be published in order for users to complete and submit their responses.  

1. In the ‘Form Zone’, click ‘Library’ within the ‘General’ menu option.

2. Tick the tick-box on the left-hand side of the appropriate form.  

3. Click the ‘Bulk’ icon, and click ‘Publish Form’.  Your form will now appear in the Parent Message Centre for the parents in the assigned group.