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Before creating a Co-Curricular Club, you will need to decide the type of Club booking before you begin to create your Club.

There are three Co-Curricular Club booking type options:

Invitation – An Invitation Club allows administrators to invite pupils to attend a certain Club, the Club will display in the PMC, but won't be open for booking. 
Singular – A Singular Club allows parents to book Club sessions on a session by session basis.
Batch – A Batch Club allows parents to book onto all Club sessions at one time.


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Once all of a Co-Curricular Club’s sessions have run, and there is no need for it to still display in the Staff Message Centre, the Club can be archived and stored in the ‘Archive’ tab.  Archiving a Club removes it from the immediate 'Clubs' view, ensuring that viewing current Clubs is not obscured by Clubs that are no longer running.  

A Club can only be archived once all of its sessions have run.  If a Club still has sessions to complete, then it must remain active in the Clubs view.

Once a Club has been archived, it cannot be brought back and republished.  However, the Club and session information of archived clubs can be exported to a spreadsheet.

For a help-guide detailing how to export an archived club, please click here.

How to archive a Co-Curricular Club

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Head Start Booking is an option that allows certain pupils the opportunity to book a Club ahead of general booking opening.  Pupils chosen for Head Start Booking will be able to book Club sessions once the Club has been published.  Once a general booking has been opened, all other pupils will be able to book sessions.  The Head Start Booking option must first be enabled, and then pupils can be selected. 

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Once a Club’s booking period is closed, parents have no need to view the Club’s details in their Parent Message Centre.  Unpublishing a Club effectively sets the Club back to a ‘Draft’ status, ensuring that all session details are preserved, but removing it from the parent view.  Any Club sessions that have been requested by parents will still be viewable in the ‘Requested’ tab in the Parent Message Centre.  

Unpublishing a Club can be a temporary measure, and the option to republish and open booking again is preserved. 

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