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Events in ClarionCall are assigned to Calendar Categories, which both identify the type of event and set its publication rules. A Calendar Category can be set to allow events to be automatically approved, or require manual approval for publication, and be set to display for parents or staff only in the public or private environment.

Calendar Sections and Tags allow events to be filtered when viewing the Calendar, allowing users to filter their view to only display relevant events.

How to set up Categories

1. Ensure you are logged in to the Staff Message Centre.

2. Click ‘Dashboard’ at the top of your screen

3. In the ‘Calendar Zone’ panel list item, click the ‘Setup’ tab.


The Categories Page

4. Click ‘New’. In the ‘Basic’ tab, enter the title of the category, select whether the category will be automatically or manually approved for publication, and a colour to identify it with when published in the Calendar.

5. In the ‘Audience’ tab, select whether the category has private, public, or full (public and private) access, and whether the category can be viewed in the ‘Staff Message Centre’, ‘Parent Message Centre’, or both.

6. Click ‘Save’.

How to set up Sections

1. In the ‘Calendar Zone’, click ‘Setup’, and then ‘Sections’ in the left-hand menu.

2. Click ‘+New’.

3. Enter the name of the section you wish to create e.g. ‘Preparatory School’, and click ‘Save’.


The ‘New Section’ Page

How to set up Tags

1. In the ‘Calendar Zone’, click Setup, and then ‘Tags’ in the left-hand menu.

2. Click ‘+New’.

3. Enter the name of the Tag that you wish to create e.g. ‘Year 4’, and click ‘Save’.


The ‘New Tag’ Page

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