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  • Create your E-Form as normal.
  • Set up the E-mail, load recipients and enter a title as normal, and load the correct E-Form.
  • Above the message area the tick box option to ‘Allow Notes’ is displayed, and will be ticked as a default.  Untick the box to remove this feature from your E-Form.  (Once unticked and the e-mail sent, this feature cannot be turned on for responses, so must be enabled when sending). 

E-Form Enhancement - Send an E-Mail

The 'Allow Notes' option


  • Send the E-mail to recipients as you usually would.  

  •  Once recipient responses have been received, click ‘Sent Messages’ and ‘Open Details’ to view E-Form responses.
  •  Once the E-mail Message modal window has loaded, notes can be added to responses.  To do this, click the ‘Add Notes’ icon under ‘Actions’ on the far right-hand side.  

 E-Form Enhancements - Add Notes Icon

The 'Add Notes' Icon


  • The additional notes modal window will load.  

 E-Forms Enhancements - Add Notes Modal Window

The Additional Notes Modal Window

There are three options for additional notes: 

- A comments field for text

- Assigning a number to a response

- A tick box option


  • Populate these fields for each response as necessary.  The fields are untitled to allow Administrators flexibility when using them.  

 E-Forms Enhancements - Example Notes

An Additional Notes Example



The additional notes can have a variety of uses.  The number field can denote which administrator read the response, or can which stage of processing a response is at.  The tick box can be used to show which responses have been completed and read, or possibly if tickets have been sent out for a production.  Click here to view a PDF document in a new tab offering examples of the Additional Notes fields.